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I can not assume the responsibility of telling you not to vaccinate.
What can I do, however, is aware of the danger 'of the vaccine.

DO RUN THIS NEWS so that everyone is informed and everyone can decide what to do in full autonomy and, especially AWARENESS.

Be very careful what we now read:

We begin by saying that the virus is not dangerous as it is painted and is also overestimated:

Bernard Debré
in France there are 800 cases. And 'stuff for nothing! We do, we will count the cases of diarrhea? - Bernard Debré, professor of medicine and member of the CCNE (Comité consultatif national d'éthique)

[Source: The forums]

There is a great pressure from industry, which will draw many economic resources, but if the virus remains what it is currently, then there will be no need for mass vaccinations. If the virus were to mutate, it is said that the vaccine production is able to protect - Silvio Garattini, director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri

[Source: ansa]

Do not turn around to this too: the influenza vaccine for the swine being prepared to be inoculated en masse to infants, children, young people and adults have never been tested and will not until the beginning of immunization. In Europe, where vaccines against influenza are usually tested on hundreds (or thousands) of people before being distributed to the masses, the European Medicines Agency is now allowing pharmaceutical companies to skip to the bottom that are being experimentation.

Despite this, incredibly, people are put in the same row to be vaccinated in the absence of any prior testing. When the National Institutes of Health in the United States announced that the trial vaccination against swine influenza begin in early August, has been flooded with phone calls and email messages of desperate people who pleads to be able to act as guinea pigs. The power of fear in guiding the flock of sheep to vaccination is truly amazing ...

To return to Europe, of course everyone here will be guinea pigs, given that the vaccine will not run any tests. Worse yet, the European vaccine adjuvants will be added: the chemicals used to multiply the power of the active ingredients of vaccines.

Note that there is absolutely no data about the safety of adjuvants in children and pregnant women, these two groups are those in the target more aggressively by drug vaccine against swine influenza. Which brings us to the dramatic conclusion that the vaccine against swine influenza could become a modern health disaster. It has not been tested or tried. Its ingredients are potentially hazardous and added adjuvants in vaccines in Europe are suspected of producing neurological disorders.


You probably do not need to remind you that in 1976 the vaccination against swine influenza caused irreparable damage to the nervous system of hundreds of people, leaving many paralyzed. Of course the doctors soon found a name for this phenomenon, in order to appear that they knew what they were talking about: Syndrome of Guillain-Barre. (Note that not ever called it "Vaccini Velenosi Syndrome", because this would be a name too informative).

But the fact remains that the doctors do not ever understand how these vaccines have caused serious problems and if the same thing happens today, all the doctors and the drug vaccine without doubt House would deny any link between vaccines and paralysis. (A 'what is already happening in the debate on the relationship between vaccination and autism: total denial).

In reality there are a lot of things that the health authorities there say never about the upcoming vaccination against swine influenza. For your enjoyment I have thrown down a list of the ten most obvious and I have posted below.


(or at least do not say no to the public authority ...)

# 1 - The vaccine has been produced "in haste" and has never been tested on humans. There fun to make as guinea pigs for Big Pharma? If so, this autumn in a row and get them vaccinated for ...

# 2 - The vaccine against swine influenza contain hazardous adjuvants that can produce inflammation in the body. For this reason they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.

# 3 - The vaccine against swine influenza may actually increase your risk of dying for this kind of influence, because it alters (or suppresses) the response of the immune system. The evidence that these vaccines against seasonal influences offer significant protection to people who go to have it injected, are zero. Vaccines are the potions miracle "of modern medicine.

# 4 - Doctors are not yet able to understand why the vaccination of 1976 resulted in the paralysis of so many people. This means that even if the new vaccine should produce such devastating side effects, do not know what we (the rest are not even doing the testing ...).

# 5 - If the vaccine against swine influenza were to kill you, the pharmaceutical companies are not responsible. The U.S. government has assured the pharmaceutical companies total immunity against the damage caused by the vaccine. Thanks to this absolute immunity, the pharmaceutical companies have no incentive to produce safe vaccines, because their profits depend on the quantity sold, not by security (zero liability).

# 6 - No vaccine against swine fever can ever fully protect you so much as the simple vitamin D may protect against the. This is an unfortunate evidence that the Government of the United States, the FDA and Big Pharma are hoping that people will not ever know.

# 7 - When the vaccine against swine influenza worked really, in statistical terms it is sufficient that all the people around you are vaccinated, and you would not need to do so! (Because the infection could not spread among people who attended). Thus, even if you believe in the vaccine, all you have to do is convince your friends to get vaccinated ...

# 8 - The pharmaceutical companies are earning billions of dollars to the production of vaccine against swine influenza. This money comes from your portfolio even if they do not do the injection, because they are borne by all taxpayers.

# 9 - When the number of people dying because of fever, although some state that many of them will be the same people who had gone to get vaccinated. Doctors justify it with the typical logic of Big Pharma: "The number of people saved is much greater than that of deceased persons." Of course the number of people "saved" is purely fictional imagination ... ... and exists only in their twisted minds.

# 10 - The Centers for vaccination which leads the world in the coming months are not completely useless: we provide a simple system to identify large groups of people completely idiots (sin does not produce some kind of blue luminescence that can be used to report them to future warning).

It is said that lotteries are a tax applied to people who do not know math. Similarly, vaccines against influenza is a tax applied to people who do not understand nothing of health.


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